Mysterium 2016

“If you’re going to break into silence, try and have a reason for doing it” – Mark Hollis (1998)  

Dublin based duo Jim Lawler and Ben Rawlins (aka Saso) return after a 5 year hiatus with the release on their 5th studio album titled Mysterium. 
Where the duo’s previous albums centred around guitar and vocals, Mysterium is primarily a collection of piano based instrumentals occasionally lit by Lawler’s fragile vocals.  

The band abandoned formal structure letting the music unfold naturally, using silence and room ambience as instruments in themselves.  Replacing guitars with the more pastoral sounds of an upright piano and acoustic organ, the album was recorded in one room and the duo invited musicians from diverse musical backgrounds to perform certain parts and improvise around sounds and melodies. The compositions are sprinkled with acoustic drums, double bass, woodwinds, brass and neo-classical vocals adding moments of colour and contrast to the otherwise minimalist sound.  

Mysterium relishes in its tranquility, nestling through contemplative moments and the spaces in between sounds. The album exists as one complete movement, with soft tones and an unrushed pace which offer a slow-motion perspective on fast-forward culture.